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WalletHub jobs survey gives Chandler high marks

WalletHub jobs survey gives Chandler high marks

Arizonian News Staff


Chandler was ranked as the second-best place in Arizona and the sixth-best in the nation to find work. 

WalletHub, a personal finance website, said Chandler beats out major metropolitan areas like Boston, Seattle and Denver.

Scottsdale was the only other Arizona city to outrank Chandler, landing on WalletHub’s top spot. 

The country’s 150 most populated cities were judged by several factors including employment growth, average salary, housing affordability and unemployment rates. 

The number of jobs created in Chandler increased from 98,259 in 2015, to 114,398 in 2017. But the city still doesn’t have quite as many jobs as some of the neighboring cities. 

According to data collected by the Maricopa Association of Governments, Tempe surpassed the rest of the East Valley by being home to nearly 159,000 jobs; Scottsdale has about 153,000 jobs, Mesa has 143,000, Chandler’s got 117,000 and Gilbert reported 68,800. 

MAG predicts Chandler will have nearly 85,000 more jobs by 2040 and a residential population of 321,000. 

Lee McPheters, an Arizona State University economics professor, said there are several characteristics – taxes, infrastructure, population growth – that can impact a city’s job market. 

Most of the greater Phoenix area has some ideal conditions that’s allowed jobs to flourish, the professor added.

But the Valley must still contend with negative factors like rising rents and a poor reputation for public education, he added. 

Companies looking to relocate to Arizona will typically examine how affordable a city will be for its workers and what type of education opportunities exist for families. 

Chandler tends to have a positive outlook when it comes to education with most of its public schools earning “A” or “B” grades from the state. But this portion of the East Valley has notably been getting more expensive for tenants as rents have been trending upward in the last couple years. 

McPheters said diversity can also determine the fate of a city’s job market. The municipalities dependent on one type of industry can thrive when the economy’s doing great – but perish when it collapses.

“Some might argue that a diverse mix of industries is desirable, and that is generally correct, yet some of the strongest job markets are in areas that tend to favor one industry,” McPheters wrote in a statement. 

Chandler’s employment sector is dominated by high-tech manufacturers like Intel and finance corporations like Bank of America and Wells Fargo. 

One potential advantage Scottsdale might have over Chandler is its abundance of health care jobs. Economists traditionally consider the health industry a favorable sector that’s capable of withering through a downturn in the economy. 

Scottsdale has more than 20,000 health care jobs thanks to the Mayo Clinic, CVS Pharmacy, and HonorHealth. Chandler’s top five employment sectors don’t include health care.

Though much of Chandler’s economy is domineered by tech, Chandler Chamber of Commerce President Terri Kimble noted how the city’s jobs still have a wide range of diversity. 

“New ventures are opening every day here with opportunities in the trades, service and retail,” Kimble said. “Businesses are starting to learn how to sustain themselves in changing times, creating jobs that never existed even five years ago.”

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