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Toy Barn owners plan new building near Chandler Airport

Toy Barn owners plan new building near Chandler Airport

By Lacey Lyons
Tribune  Staff Writer

Toy Barn Luxury Garage Ownership, a luxury motor storage garage, will open late 2020 in Chandler for all motor junkies in the East Valley.

Toy Barn is an upscale storage garage whose units are often referred to as “vehicular condos” for car lovers – and those who own boats or other precious belongings.

It will be located near the Chandler Municipal Airport on Gilbert and German roads.

Founder Paul Phillips has over 40 years of experience building and creating retail projects with the help of his business partner and son, Jason Phillips.

Jason Phillips earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from Kent State University and has over 10 years of experience in real estate.

But he said when he heard about his father’s plans to open a Toy Barn, he just couldn’t pass it up.

With two other established locations in the Valley, Jason said he expects the new Chandler Toy Barn to go over well – especially with its target audience of young professionals in the East Valley. 

The father-son duo chose the new location to be built near the Chandler Municipal Airport to replicate the Scottsdale Toy Barn location, which is near the Scottsdale Airpark, said Jason.

The Phillips like to keep family and business separate Jason said it is rewarding to learn from and work alongside his father.

Jason said potential unit owners can choose the size of the floor plan and make cosmetic changes if they buy a condo before decided before the building is finished. 

The Chandler location will offer three different unit sizes – 1,000-square-feet, 1,200-square-feet unit and 1,500-square-feet unit.

Amenities for a standard unit include plumbing, a pedestrian door, 24/7 owner access, a gated community with security cameras and access to the site’s clubhouse and a common restroom.

All units are insulated, climate-controlled and prewired for internet and television and they all are equipped with 16 by 14-foot electric garage door.

There is an optional 1/2 bath can be added to any unit if designed ahead of time, said Jason. 

Owners of Toy Barn units are able to build equity and re-sell just as residential condo owners can according to the Toy Barn website.

Jason said unit owners are encouraged to use the clubhouse and their own units to host events like birthday parties or get-togethers so they are able to share their passion with friends and family to give the space a “country club” feel. 

“We are excited to open one of our first-class facilities in Chandler for the East Valley to enjoy,” said Jason, adding he looks forward to potentially expanding to Las Vegas and Texas in the future.

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