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Say yes to good roads in your city

Say yes to good roads in your city

By Mayor John Giles and Sally Harrison Tribune Guest Writers

The City of Mesa is headed in the right direction. Our city was ranked in the national top 20 as both “One of the Best-Run Cities in America” and “Top Large U.S. City to Live in” according to WalletHub. In fact, Mesa was also in the top 10 in affordability and safety.

Part of our success lies in our ongoing commitment to protecting our quality
of life. 

Together, we have brought renewed focus and attention to Mesa’s neighborhoods, improved educational opportunities, and supported the city’s most vulnerable residents. 

We have also invested in Mesa’s transportation system to continue to support our economy and our quality of life. 

While other communities may be experiencing potholes and roads in desperate need of repair, Mesa has done a good job of building a reputation for safe and well-maintained streets.

This November, we need Question 1, the Mesa Moves 2020 Transportation Bond Program, to make sure that it stays that way.  Question 1 will:

Limit air pollution and improve
air quality

Keep Mesa safe and family-friendly

Make our city more livable and

Help our community keep up with growth

Question 1 is a $100 million bond proposal focusing on projects that address community needs through the following three categories: regional roadway improvements, arterial roadway improvements, and active transportation projects.

It is the culmination of several months of work including 6,000 resident surveys and more than a dozen public meetings, focus groups and individual stakeholder interviews.

Question 1 is a fiscally responsible approach to fixing our roads. By making this investment, the bond allows Mesa to leverage $62 million in regional funds from the Maricopa Association of Governments.

This has the double benefit of being both a great return on investment and a guarantee that Mesa receives its fair share of regional funds. It also reduces the burden on our taxpayers.

Moreover, Question 1 is more than a bond – it is an investment in public safety and our quality of life.

Safe streets and adequate transportation are critical to our ability to move people, goods, and services throughout Mesa. It also allows public safety to get to us when we need them most.

Not only do we need to invest in our roads to keep our residents safe, but also transportation is critical to Mesa’s long-term ability to attract jobs and economic investment.  Congestion impacts the amount of time we get to spend with our family and hurts our economic growth.

Time spent in traffic is costly for business and ultimately impacts the cost to the consumer. Improving connectivity and taking advantage of our freeways such as the SR24 will allow Mesa to attract more jobs and economic opportunities.

Question 1 also makes our city more livable and walkable investing in more shared-use pathways throughout the city, bike lanes, and pedestrian improvements. 

These investments improve recreation while reducing air pollution and improving air quality.

Last but certainly not least, Question 1 helps us keep up with growth. The City of Mesa has grown significantly over the past few decades – particularly in East Mesa where many new families and seniors have chosen to live.    

We need to invest in transportation infrastructure throughout Mesa and improve connectivity in the eastern portions.

Please join us in keeping Mesa safe and healthy by investing in our regional roadways, streets, bike lanes, pedestrian paths, and active transportation projects.  Join us in voting Yes on Question 1.

John Giles is mayor of Mesa; Sally Harrison is the Mesa Chamber of Commerce president/CEO.

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