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Red Mountain economics teacher honored

December 8th, 2020 Mesa Tribune Staff
Red Mountain economics teacher honored


A Red Mountain High faculty member has been named the 2020 Economics Teacher of the Year.

Jaime Leverington received the honor from the Arizona Council on Economic Education, a nonprofit dedicated to economic and financial literacy and workforce development in Arizona.

Leverington “is always looking for new ways to engage his students both in and out of the classroom… and firmly believes in preparing his students for their futures,” the group said.

A history major who transitioned to economics, Leverington said, he has a mission in his classroom.

“I would like them to leave the classroom having the basic skills to enter adulthood and have confidence that they can take care of their finances,” he said.

His students rave about him and what they’ve learned.

“He’s a very funny teacher,” said student Michael Wallace. “He’s very good at explaining the topic and is always going to be there if you need him in the future as someone who can help you with stuff.

Leverington’s colleagues second that observation.

“He doesn’t really limit himself to just the hours of the school day or just duties assigned as a teacher at Red Mountain High School,” said Principal Trevor Brimhall.

The Arizona Council on Economics Education said Leverington “not only encourages his students to get more out of their education but also inspires the educators around him.”

Added Red Mountain teacher Jed Whitten: “Jaime seems to not just try to fine-tune what he’s been doing – which is already a good thing – but he looks for new and innovative ways that are working for others and then finds ways to implement them.”

Leverington said, “I’ve never taught the class the same way twice even in consecutive semesters. I’m always changing what I do or how I do lessons.”

Whitten amplified on that, noting, “He doesn’t say, ‘I’m going to get them from here to here.’ He gets up every day thinking, ‘How am I going to get them to the next level that they need to be at.’ And then he brings that to us as teachers.”

And Brimhall said, “There’s people that you know in your life that your life is better for because they’re in it and he is one of those people.”


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