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Other legislative issues include sex ed, lawmaker immunity, gas tax hike

January 20th, 2021 Mesa Tribune Staff
Other legislative issues include sex ed, lawmaker immunity, gas tax hike

  Curbing the power of the Arizona Corporation Commission to set energy policy, including requirements for renewable energy.

  Deciding whether sex education classes, which already are optional, should not be available for anyone younger than the fifth grade.

Considering whether Arizona should have a lieutenant governor who would be elected on the same ticket with the governor, like the president and vice president.

  Restoring the right of local governments to impose restrictions on vacation rentals.

  Eliminating requirements for students to be vaccinated before they can attend school.

  Debating whether to reduce prison sentences for certain nonviolent offenses.

Allowing community colleges to offer four-year degrees as a less-expensive alternative to state universities. Similar plans have been beaten back in prior years by the Arizona Board of Regents.

Requiring that doctors seeking to perform breast enhancement surgery on women provide more complete disclosure of the side effects.

Raising the tax on gasoline or finding other revenue sources for road construction and maintenance, as the fund has taken a major hit with less travel during the pandemic.

  Setting new restrictions on drone operators.

Requiring that any new or renovated school buildings have windows that open.

Banning the sale of eggs that do not come from cage-free chickens.

Repealing a constitutional amendment that excuses lawmakers from arrest in all cases except treason, felony crimes and breach of the peace. It also allows legislators to avoid civil process during legislative sessions and for 15 days prior to each session.

  Levying fees on internet platforms that act as “publishers,’’ meaning they edit and remove certain content versus simply allowing anyone to post.

Making it more difficult for police and prosecutors to use civil procedures to seize cars, money and other property if there is no underlying criminal conviction.

Mandating that police and prosecutors put officers who have been judged to be dishonest on a publicly available “Brady list.’’

  Restricting access to weapons by people determined to be a danger to self or others.

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