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Mesa Realtor hosting annual UFO convention

Mesa Realtor hosting annual UFO convention


Whether UFOs are no match for COVID-19 may be unknown, but people who are interested studying them aren’t.

So, Mesa Realtor Karen Brard is taking this year’s 29th annual International UFO Congress online, running it from her home.

Last year’s event drew thousands to the  Phoenix Downtown Sheraton but this year, enthusiasts will have to settle for using a digital device to hear the latest on UFO research, view the entries in a festival featuring “ground-breaking films which push the limits with their exploration and study of UFOs and related phenomena, meet like-minded people and peruse items offered by vendors like night-vision goggles that are good for either UFO scouting or ghost hunting.

“People will still be able to interact with each other in face-to-face video meetups and chat rooms,” said conference owner Brard.

“They will be able to ask speakers questions during their lectures, and there is even a matching function in the app that will connect attendees with similar interests,” she said in a release.

The UFO Congress was established in 1991 for the dissemination of information related to UFOs, the search for extraterrestrial life and paranormal events and covers everything from alien abductions to government secrecy surrounding UFO sightings and research.

This year’s conference, which runs from 9 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 8 to 5:45 p.m. Sept. 13, comes at a time when not only a third of Americans surveyed believe in UFOs, but where a U.S. Senate bipartisan effort is underway to study them.

The U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has asked for the military to coordinate UFO research and to provide a public report regarding their findings to date.

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio and Democratic Sen. Mark Warner feel an investigation is warranted because of UFO incursions in restricted military airspace.

“The bottom line is if there are things flying over your military bases and you don’t know what they are because they are not yours, and they exhibit, potentially, technologies that you don’t have at your own disposal, that to me is a national security risk and one that we should be looking into,” Rubio told CBS Miami in July.

Brard normally coordinates speaker travel arrangements but this year she’ll be at home helping them master conference calls through the website,, where people can sign up.

Conference organizer and emcee Alejandro Rojas said the arrangement will be no different from loved ones communicating via Zoom or other platform.

Moreover, he said, the virtual conference experience “can be a bit more intimate when you are brought into a presenter’s living room or home office rather than just watching them on stage.”

Those interested in attending can sign up for individual lectures for $15 or take advantage of package deals like the Galactic All Lecture Pass for $169, the Interplanetary Pass for $265 or the Starfleet Elite Pass for $470.

Brard offers a way to knock $40 off those passes in a video at, which also contains details about the conference lineup. 

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