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Mesa firm finds opportunity in pandemic

Mesa firm finds opportunity in pandemic


While the pandemic has strained the operations of many businesses, a Mesa firm has found an opportunity as entrepreneurs race to move their services online.

Smart to Finish Office Solutions founder Amber Miller said her company helps businesses adapt to a new normal with her online marketing and tech solutions.

Miller, the chief delegation officer for STF, said many companies found themselves adrift when the pandemic forced many of their operations to go online.

“Many don’t know where to begin,” Miller said. “From setting up large Zoom conferences to online sales systems, we fill in the gaps for companies who may not have expertise in those areas.”

The company, founded in 2004, provides a broad range of virtual services to businesses both nationwide and internationally.

Miller employs a remote staff of 10 “delegation divas” hired for their technical expertise and business acumen. 

STF’s services range from overseeing basic administrative tasks for businesses to managing their online business presence and often develops product launches for online courses.

Webinar set-up and management is also offered as part of their service line.

“We’re also trained in the support of advanced marketing systems including Infusionsoft, Kartra and Ontraport,” Miller said. 

One of her clients, Ali Brown, founder of the The Trust Network for 7-8 Figure Women Leaders” in Scottsdale, praised her company’s work.

“Most entrepreneurs get stuck in everything ’tech’ it takes to market their brand and sell online. There’s no need to do it yourself, or even figure out what you need. Smart to Finish is a great resource for busy entrepreneurs who need virtual assistance and support,” Brown said.

Many of their clients are headquartered in California, which she theorizes may be occurring because her services beat out more local competitors.

But Arielle Ford, an author based in La Jolla, said Miller’s firm also is “professional, easy to work with, and I am always impressed with how responsive they are.”

A marketing and technology expert, Miller launched the company when the concept of providing virtual services was new.

Starting as a solo entrepreneur, she said the company became profitable in its first year of operation, enabling her to begin hiring employees to support her growing clientele.

She decided to call her staff the “delegation divas” as a humorous and friendly twist to the term “virtual assistant.” Today, she and her team provide online support to 53 clients based throughout the U.S., Canada and Australia.

Miller said she came up with the idea for STF when she saw that many small business owners needed assistance with marketing and other tasks but didn’t have the financial resources to hire staff.

With COVID-19 the game as changed, she said, as now larger businesses also need online support due to downsizing.

“When we work with any business, we first do an intake to assess where support is needed. Some larger companies just need assistance in a particular area. We’re much more than just a virtual assistant because our staff is so highly trained in various aspects of business,” she said.

“Once we discover their needs, we match the client to the appropriate Diva based on the scope of the project,” she added.

She also said her business model appeals to companies because Smart to Finish Office Solutions provides services on a 10-hour monthly minimum basis and requires no contract.

Interested parties receive a free 30-minute consultation to determine which services are needed. Weekly reports are provided on all projects.

“Our clients are not just tasks to us. We become part of their mission and journey,” Miller said. “We are in it for a long-term relationship.”

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