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Mesa designer’s book aimed at peers, newbies

December 8th, 2020 Mesa Tribune Staff
Mesa designer’s book aimed at peers, newbies


Mesa mom and U.S. Army veteran Tabitha Evans has been an interior designer for 13 years, the last eight as the owner of her own company.

She has won accolades and awards for her work and she is now adding a new accent to that career as an author.

The title shows the audience she has in mind:  “Becoming a Designer of Distinction: What Interior Design School Won’t Teach You.”

The book offers straightforward advice on how interior designers can either begin, or positively transform, their careers with insight on how to find mentors, gain valuable experience, connect with clients and maintain a positive outlook.

“I have a lot people ask me questions about how to run their businesses,” said Evans, married and the mother of three children.

“School doesn’t teach you everything you need to know so it fills the gap,” she added. “It’s filled with great reminders and practical tips that help you be the best version of you and how to find out what that is.” 

Evans, who holds a bachelor of arts degree in interior design, has the credentials one would expect of someone who gives advice to peers and colleagues in her line of work.

With a bachelor’s degree in interior design, the owner of Tabitha Evans Design has worked for both residential and commercial clients, earning along the way the American Society of Interior Designers Design Excellence Awards as an emerging professional, first place for universal design and gold and silver awards, Emerging Professional third and second place, first place for universal design, and the National Association of Home Builders’ 55+ gold and silver awards. 

She also is a member and past president of the Arizona North Chapter of the American Society of Interior Design and an instructor at Scottsdale Community College.

Evans said her book “It focuses on things like finding your strengths and authenticity, the importance of contracts, having a mentor, what to look for in a school or job.”

And from both reviews and the marketplace, reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, she said.

“We sold a box right away and orders keep trickling in,” Evans said. “We are excited about the response.”

One designer called the book “a reminder of best practices and a tool to energize a designer if they’ve suffered a failure or feel broken” while applauded how her “sensitivity and kindness for people come through in this book.”

It took her a year to write the book, partly because she’s busy in her business and partly because she also has a family and volunteering to balance in the mix.

But that hasn’t stopped her from contemplating another writing project.

“I’ve already started making a list of topics,” she said.



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