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Mesa clinic says it fills care gap in pandemic

Mesa clinic says it fills care gap in pandemic


A Mesa naturopathic health clinic said the pandemic is turning more people to its concierge-style medical service that eliminates medical insurance and networks.

Through a monthly membership fee or a pay-as-you-go option, Keystone Natural Family Medicine at 10153 E. Hampton Ave. offers naturopathic doctors who use botanical medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, hydrotherapy and nutrition for children and adults.

The clinic said its services are especially important amid rising unemployment fueled by the pandemic.

Alden Witte, 49, an East Valley father of two children, was concerned that his self-employed status put him at risk for healthcare coverage.

  “Traditional insurance plans come with hefty prices and no guarantees for actual care,” said Witte, who said he was drawn to Keystone Natural Family Medicine’s pricing model.

“Quality care, naturopathic approach, all-inclusive model at a price my family could easily afford seemed almost too good to be true; it was like discovering a big secret,” he said.

Keystone, founded in 2011,  said its direct primary care model offers “more attentive, personalized service; better continuity of care and greater simplicity for doctors – all without the hefty price tag.”

For monthly membership and enrollment fee – services cost $20 per month for children under 17, $50 for adults ages 18-50 and $75 for those over 51. Pricing includes all well and sick visits, sports and annual physicals, sauna, cold laser and EKG.

The monthly membership also provides reduce fees for nutrient IV treatment, nebulizer breathing treatments, B12 shots, acupuncture, cupping and minor surgery.

Dr. Kristen Bishop, lead doctor and medical advisor at Keystone, oversees all care and the residency program and advocates for patients’ rights, increasing awareness for naturopathic medicine and overall reform of the health insurance market.

“Concierge-style medicine should not be only available to the 1 percent,” Bishop said. “We believe that quality healthcare should be available to the masses.”

The clinic boasts of more than 2000 active patients receiving primary care and a focus on “healthy immune systems and the naturopathic approach to achieving overall health.”

“Many people confuse health insurance for healthcare and those are not the same topics,” said Bishop, “There is one plus that we owe to the pandemic: people are finally starting to take their immune system more seriously and it’s becoming a mainstream narrative.”

Information: or 480-535-5688.

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