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Mesa Arts Center offers 3 big events this month

February 17th, 2021 Mesa Tribune Staff
Mesa Arts Center offers 3 big events this month


Social distancing might be tough on live performances and exhibits, but three events in Mesa show the arts scene is far from being defeated by the pandemic.

The Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum at the Mesa Arts Center has opened its 42nd annual Contemporary Crafts Exhibition, featuring local and other artists whose works have “become a benchmark for innovation and quality,” organizers said.

The exhibition features ceramics, fibers, basketry, metals, wood, glass, jewelry,
papermaking and book arts. Admission is free, but reservations are recommended. Reservations: 

While you’re on the Arts Center’s website, get your tickets for the next installment of its Classical Music Inside Out virtual series featuring Shelly Watson on Thursday, Feb. 18.

Watson “has taken every artistic opportunity offered in New York City to become her own brand of entertainment excellence,” a center spokesman said. As an opera singer, she is an award-winning Juilliard School graduate, a Metropolitan Opera outreach artist and a collaborator specializing in improvisation.

The Mesa Arts Center also is offering its 2021 National Geographic Live! Virtual Speaker Series through April 14.

Its next event is Feb. 24, titled “Reimagining Dinosaurs,” which examines how new scientific discoveries are changing what scientists thought they knew about how dinosaurs looked, moved and lived.

Newfound troves from the Moroccan desert suggest that the immense predator Spinosaurus used crocodile-like jaws and a unique, paddle-like tail to actively pursue prey in the water: a first for dinosaurs.

In Chile, scientists have discovered a new therapod that consumed a vegetarian diet. 

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