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Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor

SW Mesa needs city to help curb airlines’ noise

Here I am beating the same old drum again and again: the same low, loud jets going over seconds apart day in and day out relentlessly over northwest Mesa, ruining our personal lives.

Outdoor fun is almost nonexistent nowadays – unless you enjoy roaring jets going over every minute or so. Jets as low as 501 feet have blown us away overhead. Southwest jets (the loudest and lowest of them all) sound as though they are going to land on our roof tops.

Numerous noise complaints are being made to Sky harbor and the FAA. They think it’s funny and even respond with sarcasm – an insult to everyone.

The roaring never seems to stop. Complaining seems to be all we can do although it is ignored by nearly everyone.

It’s obvious we cannot challenge Sky harbor or the FAA alone but the City of Mesa can. Can we count on some intervention from Mesa on our behalf?

Phoenix was able to rewrite the entire flight path away from itself suing the FAA while our city’s leadership stood by and watched it happen – if they paid any attention to it at all.

We in northwest Mesa are sick of being ignored. Our home values are being drastically affected by the jets. Our air quality is being affected the same as it would be next to a freeway.

What is the city of Mesa willing to step up and do for northwest Mesa residents?

Alone, we stand no chance and have to live with the lies and bad treatment from Sky Harbor and the FAA. But with the help of the city, change can happen if it intervenes with some muscle.

The City of Mesa spends lots of time dealing with special developments and what is seen as spending lavish amounts of taxpayer money on things voters disapproved of.

Why is it the city cannot fix the problem we have to endure?

An airport committee for Mesa was suggested many times. Is Mesa for some reason afraid to stand up to Sky harbor and the FAA?

The citizens of northwest Mesa need the help of the City of Mesa to get this jet noise mess changed and modified and the altitude raised 1,000 feet so we can start to live our lives once again in good health.

  -Bob Lamb

Apache Junction mayor slammed on masks

Even before the governor’s press conference June 17 was over, cities and towns began announcing their own mask mandates. 

Unfortunately, Apache Junction Mayor Jeff Serdy failed to show the same leadership, and refused to mandate masks in public spaces.

Mayor Serdy has decided that the health and safety of Apache Junction is not a priority; his popularity is.

Arizona’s cases of COVID-19 are surging and deaths are soon to follow. This decision, this mayor, is a detriment to public health.

It is not only the government’s right but the government’s responsibility to protect the public’s health and to respond to emergencies and crises.

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors approved a county-wide mask mandate, making Apache Junction the only community in all of the Phoenix metropolitan area that is not interested in protecting the public’s health.

Many concerned citizens of Apache Junction have stated that they intend to shop in Mesa. They now deem Apache Junction as too dangerous to shop in, so they are taking steps they feel necessary to protect themselves, their family and those around them.

Many of these people have been ostracized by others in the community, including by city council candidates. 

The facts are abundantly clear; wearing a mask may not offer much protection to you, but they protect others around you. I will no longer tolerate officials trying to misrepresent the facts for political purposes.

This politically driven misinformation campaign is the direct reason why masks have become a political statement, as opposed to a public health measure. 

Leadership is about making decisions that might seem unpopular or politically damaging to you for the good of society. The mayor has made the wrong decision and has lost my trust.

-Bobby Bauders

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