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Good news about the news

Good news about the news

By Steve Strickbine, Tribune Publisher

If you’re passionate about reading the news, then without a doubt you’ve seen some dire stories about newspapers over the past few years. Media companies nationwide are struggling to make a profit when it comes to putting out print editions.

As the founder and president of Times Media Group, I get a lot of sympathy from my business peers when I mention being in the news business.

The truth? So long as media companies stand ready to embrace change, these aren’t dark days. In fact, for creative publishers of local publications like the one you’re holding in hand, the year 2020 is full of opportunity.

It mostly depends how you define yourself.

Sure, many traditional newspapers are dying and many of their owners wish they’d be put out of their misery. But in our shop, we’ve changed our approach to how we get stories to readers and how we connect our advertisers to their would-be customers and clients.

Steve Strickbine

We’ve built a robust website in – one that has 300,000 unique visitors each month according to Google Analytics.

Even so, we’ve come to understand that many people still want to hold a thick newspaper in their hands come Sunday. For that reason, we have made the decision to bring back The Mesa Tribune print edition starting today.

As I see it, our company isn’t simply a newspaper anymore. We’re fully and passionately invested in the news business – more specifically, the community news business.

We want to be your place of choice for stories about schools, city council initiatives, political corruption, community events, prep sports and what’s happening up the street. There’s no substitute for this type of information – and no lack of desire to consume it.

For all the futile attempts by digital media giants like Facebook and Google to produce such news themselves, community news publishers like Times Media Group continue to fill this extremely vital role in communities everywhere.

All of this makes today, the day we’re bringing back Mesa’s original hometown newspaper, very special to me.

As a kid growing up in the Valley, I always thought of this paper as the only paper that really covered the news of the East Valley. Today, as a resident, business owner and a father raising a family in Mesa, my wife Suzy and I are proud to be taking the news about the Mesa community forward.

Like its original founders in 1891, we bring with us a great deal of optimism and a serious sense of the responsibility that comes with being an information source telling readers what is going on in our great city.

Since its original paper was folded into the East Valley Tribune in 1999, and with a population exceeding 500,000, Mesa has been the largest city in the country without a namesake paper. Today, that changes.

The Mesa Tribune will be circulated every Sunday throughout the city in high-traffic areas and delivered directly to 45,000 neighborhood driveways.

It will also be available online at There, you’ll find up-to-the-minute information on big stories, and everything you might have missed if you didn’t see the print edition on Sunday.

At Times Media Group, we’ve truly been heartened by the overwhelming support from our neighbors, friends and business acquaintances throughout the city.

Mayor John Giles, who graciously agreed to meet us for a front-page photo shoot next to the old Tribune statue on Main Street, has been extremely supportive. I’d like to thank him. As a kid, the Mayor delivered the old Tribune. So, we’re glad to be bringing back his hometown paper, too.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to contact me with your feedback, ideas and story tips. That isn’t an empty request.

If you think we can add to something to The Mesa Tribune or do something better, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me any time at or you can call our newsroom at 480-898-5647.

Thank you for letting us into your home each week and for making us a part of your life. In return, we hope to do what every great publication should do: Inform you, entertain you, and help our community better serve its residents and business owners.

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