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Chandler nonprofit promotes concerts, faith

Chandler nonprofit promotes concerts, faith

By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski
Tribune Staff Writer

Brian Cole never envisioned or had aspirations to work in event production. Then God came calling.

“God had a plan and opened all the doors for me,” Cole said. “I did do some event marketing before that, but it didn’t have anything to do with music or concerts or anything Christian.”

Eighteen years ago, that message from God turned into Extreme Faith Productions, a Chandler nonprofit with a desire to bring quality Christian events to Arizona and the Southwest.

Cole built his organization by building partnerships with churches, local artists, promoters and charities. Nearly two decades later, Cole hosts 75 to 100 concerts per year.

“It’s a blessing to serve the Christian community and to help a generation so desperately needing to know the love of Jesus Christ,” he said.

To celebrate the 18 years, Extreme Faith Productions is hosting several concerts throughout Arizona with Jonny Diaz, Amberly Neese, Leland Klassen, Mia Koehne, Brian Weaver and Scott Macintyre from “American Idol.”

Shows are Aug. 7 at Living Word Bible Church in Mesa; Aug. 8 at Calvary Prescott Church in Prescott; and Aug. 9 at Phoenix Christian Preparatory School in Phoenix. Tickets at

Cole assures that social distancing will take place.

“We’re doing dinners,” he said. “We’re only letting 50 people there because of the current executive order. We may go to 100 if the order is lifted between now and then.

“We’re doing to serve the people at round tables. There’s going to be a little bit of music and comedy, then the appetizers. Music and comedy and then the salad, etc. Each one will take about 15 minutes to perform and talk a little bit about their experience with Extreme Faith Productions. Some of them have been with us for a very long time.”

That includes Diaz.

“I haven’t even tallied up how many times Extreme Faith Productions has brought me to the Phoenix area and around the state,” Diaz said.

“It truly feels like a second home. Artists want their fans to grow with them. When I started doing shows with Extreme Faith Productions, I had no children and I was only just married. Now I have three kids and I’ve been married for 12 years. They get gifts for my kids and that doesn’t normally happen.”

At the show, Diaz hopes to really connect with the audience through storytelling.

“My biggest goal is to be a storyteller,” he said. “I love to share stories between songs and through my songs. My biggest story is what Jesus has done in my life and blessed me with my family.”

Through his shows, Cole hopes to introduce those who fear or feel uncomfortable with church to the blessings it has to offer.

“We’re still encouraging people and giving people to opportunity to invite others who don’t go to church and expose them to Christian music, comedy or speakers,” he said.

Cole, who was baptized in 2001 and started his company in 2002, has 50 events planned in the fall and is hoping he can still hold them. He’s also prepared to stage an online fundraiser.

“We’re in about 15 different states,” he said. “In 2021, I’m hoping to go back to our normal 150 a year. They’re mostly in 500-person churches. We need to share this message. We’re not doing it for the money.”


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