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3 boys’ company mixes business and service

3 boys’ company mixes business and service

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Cooper Johnson’s urge to give back to the community started when he was 5.

Seven years later, he and his brothers Travis and Daniel own the Good Care Company, specializing in pet care and serving Gilbert and Chandler with plans to expand to Tempe as well.

Hard work and serving others motivated Cooper to “get a job” even though he was so young. His passion for animals and people alike led to this successful home and dog care company.

“The boys do everything from dog walking and dog waste pick-up to other animal care, age-appropriate landscaping and odd jobs,” the boys’ mother Stacy Johnson explained.

She said some customers are elderly and need assistance with dog walking or help with moving trash cans while others need light maintenance work like changing light bulbs.

“Cooper enlisted his brothers when he couldn’t take on a task,” Johnson said. “Travis has even become the ‘director of droppings’ as he helps with yard clean up.”

Cooper is a student at Willis Junior High in Chandler. Travis attends CTA Liberty in Chandler and Daniel goes to Perry High School in Gilbert.

All three boys are leaders at their schools, serving on the student council as well as participating in various clubs and sports. They also are members of the National Elementary Honor Society.

When the boys were all at CTA Liberty years prior, Good Care Company served as a company sponsor for a school fundraiser, donating seed money to enable the school to earn 10 times as much in profits. 

“In this time of a pandemic, the boys have helped a local teacher fund her program, enabling learning tools for the deaf community to be more successful in their virtual environment.”

Positive feedback and word of mouth have helped the Good Care Company grow and expand into new communities.

Typical of why is a recent customer who said that she was having problems with a young, overly energetic dog.

She asked the boys to come swim with the dog a few times a week and it made an immediate difference. The dog is calmer at night and enjoys getting right in the water with boys whereas he was not a swimmer in the past.

The Good Care Company has a number of standing dog walking and waste pick up jobs as it is more cost effective to use a local company in these difficult times.

The boys’ personalized attention is often described as a “client perk” as well.

Johnson says she is proud of the boys and their continued perseverance, “Instilling good values and hard work is an important part of parenting.

“My husband Rich and I want our kids to understand the value of money and hard work, as well as the correlation,” she said. “This, coupled with serving the community, is paramount. As the boys continue to grow, they can do more too. Imagine what it will be like when they can drive!” 

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