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2 with Mesa ties publish self-help book

February 9th, 2021 Mesa Tribune Staff
2 with Mesa ties publish self-help book


A Mesa woman and a former Mesa resident have written a self-help book on substance abuse that has won praise.

“Erase Negativity and Embrace the Magic Within” was recently named a “must read” on substance abuse by the website prettyprogressive.com, which called it “a practical guide on how to reduce negativity and embrace happiness” that “offers powerful experiences of individuals who have faced dramatic challenges, but did not lose hope.”

The book was authored by Sally Marks, a public relations specialist, journalist, screenwriter and television writer who owns her own agency, Marks Public Relations, and former Mesa resident Jacqueline Howard.

Three out of its 11 chapters focus on alcohol and drug addiction and abuse while the book as a whole offers practical advice and exercises to help people “on an internal journey toward adopting a more joyful way to live.”

“Drug and alcohol addiction and abuse take a heavy toll on individuals and their families and this has been made worse by the pandemic,” said Marks, adding she and Howard “have received numerous emails praising us for writing this book and it is our goal to help as many individuals and families as we can.”

Marks noted that the National Survey on Drug Use and Health has estimated that 19.7 million Americans over age 12 battled a substance use disorder in 2017 alone, costing more than $740 billion in lost workplace productivity, healthcare expenses and crime-related costs.

Addiction is only a part of the problem, Marks said, citing a March 2020 Greater Good Science Center report that negative feelings are increasing worldwide and that an “epidemic of addictions” and negativity has been especially hard hit in the U.S.

Marks and Howard also provide seminars and workshops on overcoming negativity.

Information: markspublicrelations.wixsite.com/sallymarks. The paperback book is available for $14.99 on Amazon.com.

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